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Smartling Basic and Pro - Updated Order Management and New File and Summary screens

This information applies to Smartling Basic and Pro accounts.

We've updated how you manage your files, see your project summary and track the status of translation orders.

Your project summary now includes an overview of your orders and your most recently uploaded files.

We've updated the files screen and improved the experience for reviewing the status of individual files, and provided an alternative way for you to check the status of the strings in a file.  Click on the language from the files page to see the strings and current translations.  You can still review strings from the Content -> Translations page too.

Finally, when you order translations from us we'll track that as an order that you can see summarized on the project summary page.  Your previous orders will not be shown - new orders you place going forward will appear on the summary page.


Stay tuned, additional updates are coming soon that will further streamline the workflow for you to manage your files and translations and more easily understand the status of your project at a glance.

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