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New Search Tools (Beta)

Introducing New Search Tools (Beta)

We're excited to introduce a new updated search for finding content in Smartling.  This new search service is built to be faster, provide more relevant search results, and support common search parameters such as exact search and boolean operators (AND/OR).

We'll be pushing out the updated search slowly across the platform and releasing new functionality along the way.  These tools are in Beta right now and can be switched On or Off.

The new search tools are in limited release and only available for some customers.  Our estimated limited releases of the new search is as follows:

  • October 3:  Limited availability, faster results, only available for "In Progress" and "Completed" content
  • October 11:  Exact search support and improved relevance
  • Future Release:  Available for "Awaiting Authorization" content
  • Future Release:  Boolean support (AND/OR)
  • Future Release:  Available for Global Content Search

We'll update this article as we continue to build and release the search functionality.

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