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Smartling On Demand for Zendesk

After creating your Smartling Zendesk On Demand account, the first thing you need to do is connect it with your Zendesk account.

Check your Zendesk language setup

Smartling integrates with Zendesk's existing localization framework, so you need to set up all required languages in Zendesk before they will be available for Translation in Smartling.

1) Set up your languages from your Zendesk Account at Settings > Account > Localization.

2) From your Help Center widget, click General Settings, scroll down to the Languages section and check each language to enable it in your Help Center.

Note: The Help Center languages need to be enabled for your translations to be publicly accessible, but you can begin translating content with these settings disabled. 


Set up your Smartling On Demand account

Enter some details about your Zendesk account. To begin translating, you need to provide:

  • Zendesk Subdomain - For example, if your Zendesk URL is smartling-hotels.zendesk.com, then your subdomain is 'smartling-hotels'.

  • User Credentials - sign into your Zendesk account and authorize Smartling to post to your account.


Translate Your Content

1) After you have successfully connected your Zendesk account with Smartling, you will see the main translation page. From the main page, you can translate Articles, Sections, Categories and Dynamic Content. Just check the box next to each item you want to translate and click Translate to create an order.

2) Select your languages for translation and click Purchase.

3) For your first order you will need to enter credit card details. Click Complete Purchase to order translations.

Note: Make sure you translate your Sections and Categories as well as your Articles, even if they don't contain content apart from the title. Otherwise, visitors to your translated Help Center may not be able to navigate to your articles.

Track your orders

Click Orders in the header to view a list of your outstanding orders with estimated completion dates. Once completed, translated content will automatically be published in your Help Center under the appropriate language.



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