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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes - Latest

December 2016

Date Area Update
12/01/16 Machine Translation Smartling now offers integration with IBM's Watson Language Translator.

November 2016

Date Area Update
11/23/16 Image Context Image context can now be added directly from the list view.
11/08/16 Files Smartling now supports SubRip SRT files.

October 2016

Date Area Update
10/16/16 Tags Added more helpful error messaging when a user tries to create string tags with forbidden characters.
10/13/16 Image Context Thumbnails for Image Context are now displayed in the List View
10/10/16 Files Added support for XML attributes containing the colon (:) character.
10/04/16 Glossary Fixed a bug that removed capitalization in Glossary terms when a definition was edited from the Translation Interface.

September 2016

Date Area Update
09/16/16 Connectors When you submit an email for translation, the Eloqua connector automatically picks up any related Dynamic Content items.
09/15/16 Workflow The Copy Source to Translation workflow step option now supports strings with plural forms.
09/15/16 Workflows Account-Level workflows can now be copied at the account-level provided this is done by an Account Owner.
09/12/16 Content Managemnt Added more detailed messages when a language, workflow or step cannot be deleted because it contains content.
09/08/16 Translation Interface We fixed a bug that that caused errors when trying to close the Translation Interface after editing a Glossary term.
09/02/16 Notifications We fixed a bug that affected agencies with more than one Agency Owner user. When a Smartling account generated an Agency Owner notification, all AO users for that agency received the notification, instead of just the AO assigned to the account.
09/02/16 Accounts We fixed a bug that caused some users to receive an 'Inactive Account' message when logging in.
09/02/16 Jobs When you exclude a string, that string is now removed from any Job it was part of.

August 2016

Date Area Update
08/26/16 Search We fixed a bug that caused searches containing some special characters, including curly brackets {} to return incomplete results when searching from the List View.
08/24/16 Translation Interface We updated our Insertables feature to ignore placeholders containing only whitespace.
08/23/16 Fuzzy Estimates We fixed a bug that caused errors when running a fuzzy estimate for selected strings from the list view.
08/10/16 Image Context Image context is now available for all files-based project types.

Linguistic Packages  We fixed a bug that caused labels for target languages not to display when editing a linguistic package.


July 2016

Date Area Update
07/27/16 Dashboard Titles of Dashboard pages now show the Account name for account-level pages or the Project name for project-level pages.
07/25/16 Fuzzy Estimates Downloaded Fuzzy Estimate CSVs now clearly label words to be SmartMatched.
07/15/16 Files We fixed a bug that caused instrumented xml files not to work.
07/13/16 Translation Interface We fixed a bug that caused some glossary terms to be repeated in the Translation Interface Insertables menu.
07/11/16 Jobs We fixed a bug that prevented users from editing details of a job while large numbers of strings were being authorized for that job.
07/08/16 Glossary We fixed a bug that stopped the 'Show More / Show Less' slider on the Glossary Suggestions page from functioning.
07/07/16 Jobs We fixed a bug that prevented some archived files-based jobs from being unarchived.
07/05/16 Style Guide We fixed a bug that prevented the 'Last Updated' field on a style guide from being updated if a new file was uploaded.
07/05/16 Dashboard We fixed a bug that hid error IDs for some errors in the Dashboard.
07/04/16 Files We fixed a bug that caused some placeholders in Gettext files to be displayed incorrectly in the TI. Placeholders in translated files were correct.
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