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Content Types - Translation Cost Estimations

Over the coming months, Smartling will be releasing a set of features to allow for estimating costs of your translation projects, including resource-specific rate cards and estimate reports. The first release for this project is Content Types.

Each Workflow is now required to have a Content Type. Content types allow content owners and Translation Resources to negotiate different rates for different types of content. For example, research-intensive work on legal content, may be charged at a higher rate than normal website content.

For now, this will not affect your content in any way. In future releases, you will be able to set the rates of your resources for each content type. Those rates will then be used to to generate cost estimates for content according to the Workflow’s Content Type.

In this first release, each Workflow will be given a content type of General. You should edit the Content Type for each workflow to reflect the content it is used for.

Currently available Content Types are:

  • General
  • Technical
  • Legal

Contact your Smartling Success Manager if you expect you will need more Content Types to cover your content.

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