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Account-Wide Team Management

As of Wednesday June 29th, we are moving Team management out of individual projects and up to the Account level. As with previous changes to Reports and Translation Resources, this change is designed to make it easy to manage your translations no matter how many Projects and Translation Resources you have. You have all the same management and assignment options as before, but you now have one place to manage your team across all projects. Included below is a video and summary of the major changes you may notice in your Smartling Dashboard.



Manage workflow assignments for all projects in one place.

Instead of making workflow assignments project-by-project, you can make all assignments from the account-level Team page. You must still have the appropriate permissions to make each assignment. For example, a project manager assigned to a single project will only be able to make assignments for their project. For those with assignment permissions in multiple projects, the workflow selector now displays options in the format [Project Name] - [Workflow Name]. Account owners and Agency Owners will see Account Workflows at the top of the list.

Workflow assignments start with Language selection

When making a workflow assignment to a User or Agency, you now select the language or languages for the assignment first. The list of workflow choices will be filtered to include only those workflows available for all selected Languages.

Increased Visibility of User Assignments

By moving assignments outside of individual projects, we allow for greater visibility for Project Managers and Translation Resource Managers who need to share management of translation resources. These users can now see workflow assignments for languages and projects they do not manage, helping them have a better understanding of a translator’s overall workload and capacity.

Agency Teams

Agency Owners and Translators may work on multiple Smartling accounts. Currently, Agency Account Owners and Translation Resource Managers can make workflow assignments across all projects for each Smartling account where they have assignment permissions. However, you need to access each account’s Team page from a project within that account. You can’t make assignments across multiple Smartling accounts from one Team page.


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