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Strategies for Linguistic Packages

Linguistic Assets Migration

On May 16th we are migrating all of your linguistic assets: glossary, style guide, and translation memory from the project level to the account level.

When you first login, those linguist assets can be found under Assets

As a part of the asset’s migration, we’ve created and assigned a unique package to each one of your project. As a result you’ll start with as many linguistic packages as you have projects, including archived projects, and packages are named after the project they belong to

In each package you’ll find the glossary, style guides, and Translation Memory, including SmartMatch settings, which can be found in leverage configurations.

Organizing your assets and packages after the migration

Once the migration is done you are welcome to start organizing your Linguistic Packages. To make it easier on you we’ve outlined a few approaches:

  • Don’t do anything

The way we’ve migrated your assets, you have nothing to do until you are ready. Each one of your project will keep the same Translation Memory, leverage, style guide, and glossary it had before the migration. 

  • Start slow 

Even if you are not ready for an overhaul of your packages, consider deleting packages from archived projects. Getting rid of unused packages, will decrease the number of packages in your account and make it easier for you to manage packages later.

  • Clean and consolidate

If your have a number of projects using identical packages and assets, consider looking for duplicate packages, keep one, rename it. Then delete the duplicate packages and re-assign the package you kept.

  • Start from scratch

You also have the option to start from scratch; take inventory of your current assets and translation memory leverages, then create new packets and assign those to your different projects.

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