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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes January - March 2016

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March 2016

Date Area Update
03/31/16 File Download When using the default Windows Archive utility, some zip archives of translated files appeared empty.
03/18/16 Translation Import Issues created automatically during a translation importare now resolved automatically if a subsequent import has no issues.
03/11/16 SmartMatch SmartMatch can now pre-publish results sent to a revision step.
03/11/16 Search and Filter A new action - Content Unauthorized - was added to theHistory filter in the List View.
03/10/16 Issues We fixed a bug that caused issues for inactive strings to appear in the Project Summary.
03/03/16 Notifications We fixed a bug that caused some users to receive multiple notifications that a file was 100% published in a language.
03/02/16 Files We fixed a bug that caused some translated JSON files to be invalid if the original file contained escaped unicode characters.
03/02/16 Connectors The Zendesk Connector now captures translation context for Knowledge Base articles.
03/01/16 External Translation Projects using Google for External Machine Translationcan now set a custom character rate quota.
03/01/16 User Management To improve visibility into your translation process, Smartling now displays full name and email address for all users in a project, including Agency users.


February 2016

Date Area Update
02/25/16 Accounts We improved error messaging when creating a new Smartling account from an invitation.
02/23/16 List View We fixed a bug that caused layout issues in the List View for projects with only one workflow.
02/23/16 File Integration We fixed a bug in Smartling's File Parser that caused errors when trying to parse strings from JSON, XML, YAML or QT Linguist files as HTML if the string contained escaped line breaks.
02/23/16 Jobs We updated the Workflow Progress view for Jobs to separate Editing and Review steps to give you a clearer idea of how your content is progressing.
02/19/16 List View You can now search the List View by string history to find strings that have been assigned, authorized, excluded, moved or had translations/edits/reviews submitted within a given date range.
02/19/16 List View You can now filter the List View for strings that have or do not have context.
02/17/16 Jobs We updated some of our UI text to change references to "translation jobs" to just plain "jobs".
02/13/16 Reporting We fixed a bug that caused incorrect translator word counts when translating from Japanese to English.
02/10/16 User Access We fixed a bug that caused some users logged in via Google+ to temporarily lose access to the API Settings page.
02/09/16 User Access We fixed a bug that caused some users with Requester access to see broken links in the navigation bar.
02/06/16 Tags We made several improvements to tags: Tags are no longer case-sensitive, individual tags can be removed from strings and tags are deleted from the master list of tags if they are removed from all strings.
02/05/16 Glossary The allowed length for a Glossary name has been increased to 170 characters.
02/05/16 Plurals We fixed a bug that caused poor handling of Android files with incorrect English plural forms.
02/03/16 Glossary We fixed a bug that caused errors when copying an existing glossary.
02/01/16 Move Strings We removed the need to filter the List View by workflow step before moving strings.

January 2016

Date Area Update
01/31/16 Translation Interface Translation Memory matches in the Translation Interface now display additional information including the date of the most recent edit and, for some users, the name of the translator.
01/31/16 Reporting Account-level reports are now available to content owners.
01/29/16 Project Cloning We fixed a bug that caused errors when cloning large projects.
01/29/16 User Assignments We fixed a bug that caused some users to temporarily lose workflow assignments.
01/22/16 List View We fixed a bug that caused HTML tags to display incorrectly in List View previews for right-to-left languages.
01/20/16 Jobs We fixed a bug that caused a small number of jobs to show a status of 'Completed' even though some strings were not translated.
01/20/16 Translator Instructions We fixed a bug that added zero-width spaces to URLs in the Translator Instructions interface, preventing them from being copied/pasted into a browser address bar.
01/19/16 List View We improved the Actions menu in the List View to more clearly separate actions that affect only selected strings from actions affecting all strings matching the current filter
01/15/16 Account Dashboard We fixed bugs that caused the Project Details overlay inAccount Dashboard to load slowly or contain broken links.
01/14/16 Android XML files We fixed a bug that caused translated Android XML files to incorrectly escape strings beginning with '?'.
01/09/16 Processed Words As of 1 January 2016, strings translated via SmartMatch will not be counted in your Processed Words report.
01/09/16 Glossary We added validation to prevent users from creating two Glossaries with the same name for an account.
01/08/16 File Integration YAML, getText, Java Properties and RESX files now support the 'sltrans' file directive for marking content to be translated or excluded.
01/08/16 File Integration Comments in Java Properties files are now captured as translator instructions.
01/08/16 File Integration Smartling now supports the 'translate' attribute for XLIFF files for marking content to be translated or excluded.
01/06/16 People Management We improved the performance of Name searches on the Team page.
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