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New Jobs Functionality

We've made some small but important changes to how Jobs work to ensure that each Job contains a unique set of strings. These changes help to make Jobs well-defined packages of translation work that you can budget for and assign to translators. 

Adding Strings to a Job

  • A string cannot be added to more than one job per language. If a string is already part of a job and you try to add it to another job, you will see an error message.
  • We now display an error message if you try to add a string to a job for a language the string hasn't been authorized for. Previously this action would fail without displaying an error message.

Creating a Job from New Files

When you create a job from more than one new file, the name of the job will be used as the namespace for all files in that job. Basically, this means that all files within the same job will share strings. If the string 'Hello' is included in more than one file in the job, you only have to translate it once.

It also means that new strings will be created in the Dashboard for all content in the job, even if similar content has been translated before. However, as long as you have SmartMatch enabled, your previous translations will still be applied to the new strings.

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