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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes October - December 2015

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December 2015

Date Area Update
12/31/15 Dashboard Navigation Project Managers and Account Owners can navigate to a full project list from anywhere in Dashboard by clicking Projects in the top navigation bar.
12/23/15 Reports We made performance improvements to speed up the Processed Words report.
12/23/15 Jobs The Job Details screen now shows a Workflow Progressreport detailing the number of strings at each workflow step for each locale.
12/22/15 Account Dashboard The Projects section of the Account Dashboard now displays counts for words and strings in progress for each project and direct links to open issues.
12/22/15 Account Dashboard Watched items in Account Dashboard now display a status message showing content that requires authorization or assignment.
12/22/15 Translation Memory We fixed a bug that caused language options to be duplicated in the Language menu of Translation Memory Groups.
12/21/15 Projects We fixed a broken link that stopped users from creating new projects from the Account Dashboard.
12/17/15 User Profiles User profiles contain a list of languages the user can translate. This list is now sorted by Language name instead of locale code to improve readability.
12/16/15 Email Notifications We fixed a bug that caused errors in the plain text version of Work Available email notifications.
12/16/15   User Management We fixed a bug that caused some error messages to be unreadable when a new user was being registered.
12/16/15  Issues A new translation issue type - Review Translation - is now available. Use this type where a translation may need edits but 'Poor Translation' is not appropriate
12/14/15 Account Dashboard A summary panel for each project in the account is now available from the Account Dashboard.
12/11/15 Account Dashboard We simplified the names of Watched items in Account Dashboard and moved additional information to a tooltip.
12/10/15 Files When uploading resource files in Dashboard, Smartling now analyses the file to attempt to determine the file type. For example, to distinguish between Android XML and Custom XML formats. You can still set the file type manually.
12/08/15 Glossary Translation Glossary strings in translation are now shown under the URI '/Glossary'.
12/05/15 List View Mouseover on the text of a string now displays a list of files the string is associated with.
12/04/15 Notifications We fixed a bug that caused broken string links in some notification emails.
12/04/15 Account Dashboard Watched items now display counts for strings and words in progress.
12/03/15 Inline Content Authorization Users can now select which languages to authorize when using the Inline Content Authorization tool.


November 2015

Date Area Update
11/24/15 Account Dashboard We fixed a bug that allowed some users to see disabled accounts in the account switcher.
11/24/14 Account Dashboard To preserve dashboard performance, we now limit users to watching a maximum of 100 items in an account.
11/20/15 Notifications We fixed a bug that caused some users to temporarily see outdated options in their Project Notifications settings page.
11/20/15 Instructions We fixed a bug that prevented some users from opening file instruction images in the Translation Interface.
11/18/15 Translation Interface We added Brazilian Portuguese to the list of languages supported by the Translation Interface spell checker.
11/06/15 Cloning We fixed a bug that caused a clone of an archived project to be archived.
11/05/15 Files Android XML files now can now use theincludeOriginalStrings API Download directive to download files compatible with Android's fallback language functionality.
11/05/15 SmartMatch SmartMatch now supports plural strings.
11/03/15 Translation Memory Import We fixed a bug that caused some users to be unable to import TMX files exported from another Smartling project.
11/02/15 Bulk-Authorize We removed the 10k string limit on Bulk Authorizeactions. Any number of strings can now be authorized in one action.
11/02/15 Files We fixed a bug that caused leading/trailing spaces to be incorrectly escaped in some translated java propertiesfiles.
11/02/15 List View We fixed a bug that caused filtering by the File Name property in the Excluded Content tab to return incorrect results.
11/02/15 Bulk Authorize We made backend upgrades to speed up bulk authorization actions.


October 2015

Date Area Update
10/30/15  Translation Interface  We added Font Control to the Translation Interface. The Translation Settings menu now includes options for Font, Size, and Letter Spacing (kerning).
10/30/15 Summary Screen We fixed a bug that displayed incorrect issue counts on the account summary screen for some Translation Resources.
10/27/15 Translation Interface The standardized keyboard shortcut for non-breaking spaces has been disabled. Non-breaking spaces are still available through the Insertables menu.
10/22/15 Business Documents We fixed a bug that caused MS Powerpoint to show a warning message when opening translated .pptx files.
10/21/15 Authentication We fixed a bug that prevented successful password change for users with mixed case email addresses.
10/20/15 Notifications We fixed a bug that caused links in Issues notification emails not to open the issue popup in Safari if the user was already at the Workflow Summary page in the Dashboard.
10/19/15 XLIFF files We introduced a new directive for XLIFF files to instruct Smartling to treat the contents of specified custom tags as placeholders.
10/16/15 Summary We fixed a bug that caused some agency translators to see strings available for work in the Project Summary screen when no strings were available.
10/15/15 Glossary Exported Glossary CSV files now include a column to record whether the translation for a particular locale is locked.
10/15/15 Glossary We updated the Glossary filters so terms with a blank translation are shown under 'Require Translation' instead of 'Has Translation'.
10/13/15 File API We fixed a bug that caused errors if the fileType property of an uploaded file was changed on a later upload.
10/13/15 File Parser We released Version 3 of our File Parser. View a summary of the changes here.
10/09/15 Issues We released a refreshed version of our Issues feature.
10/09/15 Authentication We fixed a bug that prevented users from changing their password if their first login used a social provider.
10/09/15 Search and Filter We fixed a bug that blocked auto-complete suggestions when searching for a file name in the List View.
10/08/15 Glossary We made performance improvements to the Translation Interface to reduce loading times for large glossaries.
10/06/15 Translation Content owners can now add a translation to content in a pre-translation workflow step.
10/05/15 Glossary We released a refreshed Glossary page, giving you easier access to features and new fields for each term.
10/02/15 Fuzzy Match Estimates Fuzzy Match Estimates can now be run on any selection of strings from the List View.
10/02/15 Summary Screen The Translation Resources Summary Screen now shows all available jobs, instead of just jobs with due dates.
10/01/15 Translation Memory We fixed a bug that caused duplicate results in Translation Memory searches.
10/01/15 Dashboard We changed the color of action buttons in the dashboard from Salmon to Blue to avoid clashing with error message text.
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