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Manage Updated Content

The Zendesk Connector gives you three options for handling updated source content in an article you've already translated.


Smartling will automatically retrieve any changes in your source content for Zendesk for translation. To enable this option, from Project Settings > Zendesk Settings set Resubmit changed content to Auto.


If you set Resubmit Changed Content to Manual, Smartling will track changes in your source content but not automatically upload new content to Smartling. You can find your changed content at Zendesk > Translation Progress by setting the Outdated filter to Yes.


If you set Resubmit changed content to Disabled, Smartling will not track changes to your source content, but you can use Zendesk's Outdated flag to mark changed source content.


Outdated articles are marked in the Translate Content screen with a checkmark in the Outdate column. If you want to capture the changed content, simply check the outdated articles and click Request Translation again.


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