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Introducing Account Dashboard










Smartling is preparing a set of enhancements to make it easier to manage your projects and to give you easy access to the information you need most. The first of these new features is the Account Dashboard - one home for all your projects.

Access the Account Dashboard by clicking the Smartling logo.

Watch Content

Use the new Watch feature to mark any group of content you want to keep an eye on. You can watch a whole project, a workflow or a single workflow step - either for a chosen language or for all languages. Click the Eye anywhere content appears in the dashboard to add content to your watch list.

From the Account Dashboard, click any of your watched items to navigate straight to your content. . Find out more about watching.


When you have a lot of projects it can be hard to keep them organized. That’s why we’ve added the ability to label projects for better organization.

Manage your Projects

The new Account Dashboard gives you a list view of projects instead of cards to let you manage any number of projects easily. From the same screen you can:

  • Filter and search to find the project you’re looking for
  • Clone any project or create a brand new one
  • Rename or archive your projects
  • View and interact with issues for each project.
  • See counts for words and strings in progress for each project.

Project Details

Click the Details icon next to any project to show a panel of summary details.



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