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Watching Content

The new Watching feature allows you to mark content you want to pay close attention to. There are three levels of content you can watch:

  • A whole project
  • A workflow
  • A single workflow step

Within each level, you can choose to watch all languages or a specified language. You can mark up to 100 items of content to watch in the dashboard by clicking the eye icon:

  • From the Project Summary Screen:

  • From the Workflow Summary Screen:

  • From the Account Dashboard:


Watched content is displayed in the Watching section of the account dashboard. From here you can:

  • Click the name of any item to navigate to the content. 
  • View a status message for the content, including actions required, such as content requiring authorization or assignment.
  • View and manage open issues relating to the content.
  • See counts for strings and words in progress.
  • Toggle watching by clicking the eye.

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