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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes July - September 2015

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September 2015

Date Area Update
09/24/15 Smartmatch We fixed a bug that caused Smartmatch to appear disabled if the "Match from any combination of the above" option is selected.
09/24/15 Fuzzy Match Estimates We fixed a bug that temporarily prevented some translation resources from accessing Fuzzy Match Estimates.
09/16/15 User Management We fixed a bug that caused slow performance of the Team page for some users.
09/16/15 Content Management Content owners can now set a character limit for strings from the list view, either individually or in bulk.
09/15/15 Content Management We fixed a bug that caused the Excuded view to show incomplete information for strings that had been excluded in some languages, but approved in others.
09/11/15 Authorization Smartling now displays full workflow and language options when you use the Authorize All function.
09/11/15 Files We fixed a bug that caused some published strings to be missing from translated .xlsx files.
09/10/15 List View We fixed a bug that briefly stopped the URL filter in the Awaiting Authorization view from working.
09/10/15 Translation Memory We made performance improvements to our handling of very long search strings in the Translation Memory.
09/10/15 Fuzzy Estimates Fuzzy Estimates have moved to the Content section with new options for labeling and sorting estimates.Translators can now run Fuzzy Estimates on their translation queues.
09/04/15 Issues We fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to create an issue against a newly added string in a GDN project.
09/04/15 File API We added a validation to prevent a File upload if locales are included in the localesToApprove parameter which are not enabled in the project.
09/02/15 Files Comments in YAML files can now be ingested as string instructions.
09/01/15 Translation Memory We fixed a bug that caused some searches for single words in the Translation Memory not to return expected results.
09/01/15 SmartMatch There are now two new options for SmartMatch configuration


August 2015

Date Area Update
08/27/15 User Management We fixed a problem with confirmation dialogs that prevented some users from removing agencyassignments.
08/27/15 Publishing We fixed a bug that caused some strings to become stuck in the Pending Published step.
08/21/15 Translation Interface We improved the visibility of the double-space warning in the Translation Interface.
08/21/15 User Avatars Smartling now creates user avatars first from a Google+ image, if available. If no image is associated with your Google+ account, your Gravatar will be used, if available. 
08/21/15  Patterns We fixed a bug that caused some patterns to match to partial strings even when this option had not been selected.
08/20/15 Global Search We fixed a bug that caused a Global Search for a translation to return matches in both translation and source strings.
08/14/15 Translation Interface Glossary and Style Guide now open in a lightbox inside the Translation Interface instead of a separate window.
08/14/15 Patterns We added the ability to deactivate patterns, allowing you to keep the pattern but not apply it to new strings.
08/13/15 Smart Match We moved the Smart Match page in the Dashboard from the Reports tab to the Content tab.
08/10/15 Context We improved the error messaging in the event of a login failure when using the Chrome Context Capture Extension.
08/07/15 Translation Memory We updated our Translation Memory import process to improve identification and escaping of HTML tags in imported TMX files.
08/06/15 Translation Interface We fixed a bug that caused some placeholders to display incorrectly in the Insertables menu.
08/04/15 Files We released Namespace - a new feature for governing string sharing between files - for accounts created after July 31 2015.
08/03/15 Reports We fixed a bug that caused timeouts for some clients when generating very large reports.
08/02/15 Reports We fixed a bug that caused some Account owners not to be able to access reports for all projects or locales they owned.
08/01/15 Reports Translation Velocity report is now available for Account Owners and Project Managers

 July 2015

Date Area Update
07/24/15 Workflow A warning message is now displayed when users attempt to delete a workflow step that has users assigned.
07/23/15 Business Documents We fixed a bug that caused a small number of MS Word documents downloaded with pseudo-translations to be unopenable.
07/22/15 Business Documents We fixed a bug that caused issues translating IDML fileswith empty span tags.
07/22/15 Reports We fixed a bug that caused disabled sites not to be shown to the account owner in word count reports.
07/22/15 Reports We fixed a bug that locked the date range for some report graphs to 30 days.
07/17/15 Reports Three new reports have been added to the Smartling Dashboard: Processed Words, Issues and Smartmatch Leverage.
07/17/15 List View We updated the UI for the Actions menu to make actions easier to find.
07/15/15 Translation Memory Translation Memory matches in the Translation Interfacenow show the source of the match.
07/14/15 Errors We fixed a bug that delivered blank error messages to some dashboard users.
07/13/15 Context We fixed a bug with IDML context that caused incorrect context views if a story spanned multiple pages.
07/13/15 Context We improved IDML contextsupport for non-Latin languages.
07/13/15 User Management We added a validation to ensure that an agency user cannot be added to a Workflow step unless their agency is also assigned to that step.
07/09/15 Jobs The Jobs page now remembers your sorting preferences.
07/08/15 Fuzzy Estimates We updated the user interface for generating new fuzzy estimates to display a progress bar.
07/08/15 Email Notifications We added the option for a Daily job status report emailfor each project.
07/07/15 Email Notifications Issues notification emails now include information on the jobs affected by an issue.
07/02/15 Pre-Publishing You can now choose toautomatically pre-publishcontent leaving any workflow step.
07/02/15 Login Users with Google addresses as their Smartling ID can now login to Smartling with their Google+ account.
07/02/15 User Management We fixed a bug that prevented some users invited by Agency Translation Resource Managers from being added as Agency users.
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