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Set up a default role for new users

Account Owners can configure their Smartling account to allow anyone with an email address in a company domain (e.g. username@mycompany.com) to set up a Smartling profile, instead of having to invite each user individually. To do this you need to set up a default role and set of projects for new users to have access to.

To set up access for your domain:

1) Contact your Smartling administrator to make sure this feature is enabled for your account.

2) In any Smartling project under your account, navigate to Project Settings > Sign In Settings and switch to the New User Management tab.

3) Check Allow any domain users to login to Smarting.

4) Add your email domain to the Domains list. You can add up to five domains.

5) Add the projects you want new users to have access to under Default Projects.

6) Set the Default User Role. You can choose either Requester or Project Manager. See our User Roles documentation for details.

7) Click Save.

Anyone with an email address in your chosen domains can now use the New User Registration URL to create a Smartling profile with your chosen default role and projects.


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