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Product Updates: The Translation Interface

Check back here regularly for updates to the Translation Interface.

Date Update
10/30/15 We added Font Control to the Translation Interface. The Translation Settings menu now includes options for Font, Size, and Letter Spacing (kerning).
10/27/15 The standardized keyboard shortcut for non-breaking spaces has been disabled. Non-breaking spaces are still available through the Insertables menu.
08/21/15 We improved the visibility of the double-space warning in the Translation Interface.
08/14/15 Glossary and Style Guide now open in a lightbox inside the Translation Interface instead of a separate window.
08/11/15 The Translation Interface now offers shortcuts for insertable HTML elements, glossary terms and placeholders in a string.
07/15/15 Translation Memory matches in the Translation Interface now show the source of the match.
05/08/15 Pressing F4 in the Translation Interface moves the cursor to the original string, allowing you to select and highlight without using the mouse.
04/24/15 Translators now have the option to merge a segmented string to edit it as a single block of text.
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