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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes April - June 2015

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June 2015

Date Area Update
06/30/15 User Management We fixed a bug that allowed Agency Owners to invite users without specifying a workflow assignment, creating an unusable invitation.
06/29/15 User Management We fixed a bug that allowed non-agency users such as Account Owners, to edit roles in an Agency invitation.
06/27/15 Translation Interface We fixed an error that prevented content owners from authorizing content in the Translation Interface.
06/26/15 Export Glossary When a glossary term has more than one definition, a glossary export now includes all definitions.
06/25/15 Translation Interface We fixed a bug that caused string history to not be shown for some strings in the Translation Interface.
06/24/15 Jobs We fixed a bug that prevented users from changing the description of a job with a past due date.
06/22/15 Workflows We fixed a bug that prevented some workflow names from being changed.
06/19/15 Style Guides We added right-to-left language support for Style Guides.
06/19/15 Translation Interface We added a new feature (currently in beta) to the Translation Interface, giving you custom shortcuts for HTML formatting, placeholders and glossary terms relevant to the string you are translating.
06/18/15 File Download We fixed a bug that caused the locale code to be appended to the extension instead of the filename for some translated file downloads.
06/16/15 Notifications We fixed a bug that caused notifications about files with a space character in the filename to include incorrect links.
06/15/15 Summary Screen Jobs with due dates are now displayed in the Translator summary screen with their due time as well as their due date.
06/15/15 Requester Portal Requesters downloading files from completed jobs can now choose how to organize the downloaded files.
06/12/15 User Management We fixed a bug that allowed users to invite a project manager without access to any projects, causing an error.
06/11/15 Translation Interface We fixed a bug that caused diacritic marks on characters to be lost when saving some strings in the Translation Interface.
06/10/15 List View We added the option to filter the list view for strings belonging to a file.
06/08/15 Download Files The file download dialogue now remembers your preference for download format.
06/08/15 Download Files When downloading files in Bulk, you can now choose to have files organized into folders by language and also include the language in the file name.
06/05/15 User Management Removing a user from a Workflow Step now automatically unassigns all content in that step currently assigned to the user. Previously, it was necessary to unassign all content before the user could be removed from the step.
06/05/15 Issue Management We updated the Issue tab of the String History dialogue to more clearly show when an issue is opened and closed.
06/04/15 String Instructions We fixed a bug that allowed users to save the same string instruction multiple times in the List View or Translation Interface.
06/04/15 User Registration We've updated our email registration rules to allow more top-level domains in email addresses, such as .email, .nyc, etc.
06/03/15 Files Page We updated the legend for the File Progress section to remove 'Not Authorized', which is no longer referenced in the Progress bars.
06/04/15 Jobs Page We updated the Jobs page to word-wrap long job names to avoid overlapping.
06/03/15 User Management Agency Account Owners are now able to change the roles of their Agency users.
06/01/15 File Download We fixed a bug that allowed users to initiate a file download without specifying a locale, causing the download to fail.

May 2015

Date Area Update
05/29/15 User Management We fixed a bug that caused workflow assignment to fail for some users if they had already been assigned content in another workflow step.
05/28/15 Locales Three new locales are now available for translation in the Dashboard: en_NG (English - Nigeria); en_MA (English - Morocco); and fr_MA (French - Morroco).
05/27/15 Files When downloading translated files in bulk, you can now choose to organize the files in folders by language, or to have files in one folder with the language included in the file name.
05/26/15 Jobs Jobs can now be sorted by Name or Due Date.
05/26/15 Jobs We fixed a bug that allowed users to delete a Job without deleting files associated with that Job.
05/22/15 Files We updated the Files page to give more detailed progress information.
05/20/15 Word Count Report Agency Translation Resources and Translation Resource Managers now see fuzzy match tiers in their Word Count report.
05/20/15 Smartmatch The Smartmatch process now runs only on strings which have never been edited by a a user.
05/19/15 Email Notification Email notifications about a file now link directly to the relevant file.
05/16/15 User Management When adding or editing a user with the Project Manager or Requester role, you can now control access to all projects for an account.
05/16/15 User Management Users are now prevented from editing an email address on a pending invitation.
05/15/15 User Management We fixed a bug that prevented some Agency assignments from being removed.
05/15/15 Email Notifications We fixed a bug that caused issue notifications for some clients to include broken dashboard links.
05/11/15 Import Translations We fixed a bug that allowed some translation imports with a different placeholder hint format to override the format of the original string.
05/08/15 Translation Interface Users now have the option to pre-populate 100% TM matches into the translation field.
05/08/15 Translation Interface Pressing F4 from the Translation Interface moves the cursor to the original string, allowing you to select or highlight without using the mouse.
05/08/15 Pseudo Translations API users can now set a custom inflation rate for downloading pseudo translations.
05/07/15 Requester Portal We fixed a bug that caused problems downloading translations from file jobs if the FileURI had been edited.
05/07/15 Assignment We fixed a bug that prevented un-assignment for inactive strings.
05/05/15 Import Translations We improved our handling of translation imports for strings with multiple plurals/placeholders.
05/02/15 Reporting The Words Under Management report now updates three times per day instead of once.
05/01/15 Inactive Strings We fixed a bug that prevented the 'Remove Tags' bulk action from working correctly on inactive strings.
05/01/15 Jobs We increased the character limit for Job descriptions.
05/01/15 Jobs We fixed a bug that prevented users from canceling a Job in cases where a file referenced by the Job had been deleted.


April 2015

Date Area Update
04/24/15 User Management You can now assign a user to multiple languages and steps for a workflow at once.
04/24/15 User Management We fixed a bug that prevented translators from being shown in the workflow assignment dialog if the user held a Project Manager role in another project.
04/24/15 Static Caching If static caching is enabled for your project, you can now clear cache for a specific page from the Translation Interface.
04/24/15 Files We fixed a bug that caused issues when attempting to download translations for multiple IDML files.
04/24/15 Translation Interface Translators can now merge multiple segments into a single segment to edit a string as a single block of text.
04/23/15 Requester Portal The Requester Portal now allows you to choose a workflow for each language when authorizing a job.
04/23/15 Placeholders We fixed a bug that caused translation imports to break placeholders in XLIFF files.
04/22/15 Global Search We fixed a bug that prevented some partially authorized strings from being displayed in Global Search results.
04/22/15 List View In Files projects, HTML files can now be downloaded from the list view.
04/20/15 Words Under Management The Words Under Management report no longer displays word counts for disabled projects. Archived projects are still displayed.
04/20/15 Project Cloning Language selection when cloning a project no longer includes languages that have been disabled in the cloned project.
04/17/15 Locales We fixed a bug that prevented some users from removing disabled languages from a Workflow.
04/17/15 Translation Interface The Smartling Translation Interface now performs validation on line breaks in translations. A warning message will be displayed if a translation has a different number of <br> tags than the original string.
04/16/15 Context We fixed a bug that caused translations not to appear in HTML and XML context views for some shared strings.
04/16/15 Requester Portal Jobs that have been created but not submitted are now labeled 'Not submitted' instead of 'Open'.
04/15/15 Fuzzy Match Inactive strings are no longer included in Fuzzy Match reports.
04/10/15 Requester Portal The Requester Portal now allows requesters to submit jobs with manually added strings as well as uploading files. 
04/10/15 Move Strings We fixed a bug that temporarily prevented some users from moving strings between workflows.
04/09/15 Summary Screen The Translation Resource Summary screen now displays job descriptions along with titles and due dates.
04/03/15 Gravatars We fixed a bug that prevented gravatars from displaying if uppercase characters were included in a user email.
04/02/15 Files Added a new delete icon to each file card on the file management page.
04/02/15 Summary Screen The Translation Resource Summary Screen now displays the Workflow name for each set of available strings.
04/02/15 Files Reporting on unauthorized content no longer includes disabled languages.


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