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HubSpot Connector User Guide

The HubSpot Connector is managed entirely from within the Smartling dashboard. You can download Forms and Landing Pages to the dashboard for translation and export completed translations back to HubSpot for deployment.

To request translation of a Form or Landing Page:

(1) Go to HubSpot > Translate Content. Smartling will display a list of all available content in your HubSpot account.

(2) Select either Landing Pages or Forms. You can filter the list by status or search for a name. Note: currently only an exact and complete match will be found by the name search.

(3) Select the content you want to translate and click Request Translation.

(4) Select the target languages and click Request Translation.

The content for the requested language pages will be authorized and added to the default workflow for each target language. Smartling automatically uploads completed translations to HubSpot at regular intervals. If you want translations exported to HubSpot immediately, you can perform the export manually.

To monitor progress and export completed translations:

(1) Go to HubSpot > Translation Progress. Smartling will display a list of content with pending translations. Each language will have its own entry. The Progress bar shows the proportion of completed translations

(2) Select any completed Landing Pages and Forms and click Export to HubSpot.

(3) The Content will be added to your HubSpot dashboard with the locale (e.g. fr-FR) appended to the name.

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