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Marketo Connector - Translate Content


The Marketo Connector is controlled from the Marketo tab in the Smartling Dashboard. It allows you to import email, landing page, form, snippet and program content from Marketo for translation. After importing your content, you can monitor the progress of translations, and export translated emails back to Marketo.

To import content for translation:

(1) Navigate to Marketo > Translate Content, to find a list of available emails, landing pages, forms and snippets. Click the down arrow to switch between emails, landing pages, forms, snippets and programs.

(2) The initial view will show all available content. In the Emails, Forms, Landing Pages and Programs views, you can navigate to a specific folder using the tree on the left and filter emails for approved/unapproved statusCheck the content you want to translate and select Request Translation.

(3) Choose the languages for translation and click Request Translation. The content will be authorized into the default workflow for each selected language.

To export translated content to Marketo:

From Marketo > Translation Progress, monitor the progress of translation for each piece of content. If a piece of content is 100% translated for a locale, check the box and click Export to Marketo.

Note: The original source asset must be available in the same location as when translation was requested for the connector to successfully create the translated version.

You can find your translated content in the Marketo Dashboard. The language code will be appended to the email, landing page or snippet name.

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