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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes October - December 2014

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December 2014

Date Area Update
12/31/14 Reports From the Reports page, users can trigger a recount of their Words Under Management
12/30/14 Chrome Extension Fixed bug that caused Chrome Context Capture Extension to conflict with Content Security Policy for some websites.
12/28/14 Reports Words Under Management report page now displays a notification when a recalculation is underway.
12/19/14 Dashboard and File API Dashboard and File API upgraded to Java 7.
12/18/14 User Management Alterations to Team page: Page title changed from 'People' to 'Team', new icon to indicate agency users.
12/15/14 List View Fixed Translator Instructions tooltip in List View.
12/15/14 Reports Fixed number formatting issues in Words Under Management report.
12/12/14 Edit Language 'Default Authorization Setting' in the edit language dialog is now labelled 'Default Translation Setting'.
12/12/14 Dashboard Added Content master heading to left-side navigation bar.
12/12/14 List View RDID filter has been removed from list view options
12/9/14 User Management All user profiles now show their locale pairs.
12/4/14 User Management A user cannot hold the Agency Account Owner role for more than one agency.
12/2/14 Email Notifications New users now have a default email notification limit of 100.
12/1/14 User Management User invitations sent by an agency can now only be edited by Agency Account Owners.
12/1/14 List View Context thumbnails now display the title of html pages.
12/1/14 List View Fixed bug that caused keyword queries including the underscore (_) character to fail.


November 2014

11/24/14 Translation Interface Placeholder text is now highlighted in non-contextual view.
11/24/14 Translation Memory Translation Memory can now be shared between projects using the same sourcelanguage but a different country. Eg: fr-FR (French, France) and fr-CA (French, Canada)
11/24/14 User Management Fixed but that caused an error when trying to assign/unassign a pending user.
11/21/14 Dashboard Updated Dashboard Navigation.
11/21/14 Content In Global Delivery Network projects, click on links to navigate to the source content. 
11/21/14 Projects Un-archive your previously archived projects 
11/21/14 Translation Interface The translation interface now displays an error when a user attempts to save an empty translation.
11/20/14 Translation Memory Smartling now exports translation memory with improved .tmx formatting to enhance compatibility with offline CAT tools.
11/19/14 List View 'Translated' filter now includes published content.
11/18/14 User Management Agency Owners can now invite users to be Translation Resource Managers.
11/17/14 Image Context Excluded strings are no longer available when choosing strings for context images.
11/17/14 List View For Workflows with multiple revision steps, strings that were changed in the previous step now show the message 'edited in previous step.'
11/14/14 Translation Interface 'Set Limit' button for translation character limit now appears in the Code View tab of the Translation Interface.
11/13/14 User Management Fixed bug that caused issues in switching a user's role between Translation Resource and Translation Resource Manager.
11/12/14 User Management, Workflows Fixed bug that prevented Translation Resource Managers from adding users to Account-level Workflows.
11/11/14 API Fixed bug that caused Files API to count 'pending' strings as 'published.'
11/6/14 List View Filter added for strings NOT assigned to a job.
11/6/14 List View, Workflows Strings in an analysis workflow step can now be moved or added to jobs.


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