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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes January - March 2015

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March 2015

Date Area Update
03/31/15 Files We fixed a bug that prevented correct parsing of some placeholders in gettext files.
03/27/15 Files You can now download multiple files into a single zip file.
03/26/15 Translations Account Owners and Project Managers can now un-authorize content.
03/25/15 Files You can now specify a file type on upload for files with unknown extensions.
03/23/15 Project Cloning All user assignments are now copied over when cloning a project, including users who have been invited but have not yet set up their Smartling User Profile.
03/20/15 Adobe InDesign files Smartling's translation interface can now display context for Adobe IDML files.
03/20/15 Inactive Strings Account Owners and Project Managers can now reactivate inactive strings.
03/20/15 Inactive Strings Inactive strings are no longer included in 'Assign All' actions.
03/20/15 Inactive Strings Translation Resources can no longer add issues to inactive strings.
03/18/15 Project Summary Translation Resource summary screen now shows only projects with strings available for work. Completed projects are removed.
03/17/15 Files Smartling now validates XML, XLIFF, Android, QT, ResX and StringsDict files on export to strip out invalid characters.
03/16/15 Chrome Context Capture Extension Made improvements to the Chrome Context Capture Extension to increase the speed at which strings are matched to context.
03/16/15 Files We fixed an issue with our iOS strings parser which caused problems with non-breaking spaces.
03/16/15 Project Summary We added a new Workflow summary to the Project Summary screen.
03/13/15 User Management When you invite a new user, language assignments from the invitation are now automatically added to the list of languages in the user's profile.
03/12/15 GDN Domains The Domain management screen now displays a notification when a domain configuration is being updated.
03/11/15 Glossary Suggestions Fixed a bug that prevented users from changing the number of Glossary suggestions when running Chrome in Windows.
03/11/15 Translation Memory Groups If a template project with a Translation Memory group is cloned, the new project is now added to the group.
03/10/15 User Management You can now filter users on the Team page by language.
03/09/15 Glossary Fixed a bug that prevented more glossary terms being loaded in glossaries with more than 500 terms.
03/06/15 Project Summary Screen Inactive strings are no longer counted as 'Strings Pending Assignment' or 'In Progress' in project summaries.
03/06/15 Microsoft Excel Files Smartling can now capture content from text boxes in Microsoft Excel files.
03/05/15 Jobs Account Owners and Project Managers now manage Jobs from a dedicated screen under the Content menu.
03/04/15 Translations When you exclude a string already translated, then re-authorize it, the translation is now also restored, both in the list view and translation interface.
03/04/14 API Shell Scripts Fixed a bug that prevented the IncludeOriginalStrings option in the Download Shell Script from working as expected.
03/02/15 Application Resource Files Smartling now allows you to treat XML files as HTML. This may improve parsing for some XML files.
03/02/15 Archived Projects Fixed a bug that prevented some archived projects from being displayed in the project summary screen, even if the Show Archived Projects option was checked.

February 2015

Date Area Update
02/27/15 Glossary Suggestions Keyword search on the Glossary page now searches suggested terms as well as existing terms.
02/26/15 Reports Terminology in the Site Traffic and Tracked URLs reports has been changed from 'Page Views' to 'Requests' to more accurately describe the data in the report.
02/25/15 Workflows Added clearer labeling to holding steps on the Workflow Settings page.
02/25/15 Glossary Suggestions Add Without Translating option next to each suggested Glossary term has been removed to simplify the interface. You can still add terms without translating by using the Actions menu.
02/23/15 Placeholders Translators can now create a placeholder in a translated string just by typing the placeholder characters.
02/23/15 Email Notification Notification for Translation Resource Managers on receiving new workflow permissions has been updated to include detailed info on Workflow, Step and Language.
02/23/15 Jobs We fixed a bug that caused some Translation Resources to see a Job in the summary screen, even though there were no strings available for translation in that job.
02/20/15 Glossary Suggestions The Glossary Suggestions algorithm now respects capitalization in suggested terms.
02/18/15 Global Search Project drop-down in Global Content Search no longer shows archived or disabled projects.
02/18/15 Project Summary Fixed a bug that caused pseudo translations to show as strings in progress in project summary cards and the summary screen.
02/18/15 Inactive Strings Inactive Strings are now non-translatable for Agency Owners, Translation Resources, and Translation Resource Managers.
02/17/15 Cloning We made back-end changes to project cloning to improve speed.
02/16/15 Cloning We fixed a bug that caused cloning options to display incorrectly for some Account Owners managing multiple accounts. 
02/13/15 Glossary Suggestions You can now accept or reject suggested glossary terms in bulk.
02/12/15 Files The drop-down menu with options to download, delete and add instructions to a file is now located next to the source language instead of the file URI.
02/10/15 String History We fixed a bug that prevented Issue history from being displayed for some strings.
02/06/15 Translation Memory Translation Memory Import/Export and Groups settings are now accessible from the gear menu at Project Settings > Translation Memory
02/06/15 Assignment You now have the option to assign or unassign all strings in a workflow step at once.
02/06/15 Reporting Word Count reports can now be downloaded in CSV format.
02/05/15 Self-Service Self-Service users now have the option to purchase two different translation qualities: One Step (Translate), and Two Step (Translate + Edit).
02/04/15 Business Documents We fixed a bug that prevented text within DrawingML elements of an MS Word doc from being captured by Smartling.
02/02/15 Reports Translator Word Count reports now have a default date range of one week prior to the present day. Date range can be customized.



January 2015

Date Area Update
01/31/15 Global Search Fixed a bug that caused some disabled projects to be displayed in the Global Search view.
01/30/15 Supported File Types Smartling now supports iOS .stringsdict files.
01/30/15 File API The includeOriginalStrings directive for file download via API now supports java properties files.
01/29/15 Search and Filter Translation Resources now have the option to filter for active/inactive strings.
01/27/15 Download Translations CSV files now support the option to download translations for all locales in a single file.
01/25/15 Strings Fixed a bug that caused some strings which had been excluded, then re-authorized to show as pre-published in the list view.
01/23/15 Languages Fixed a bug that caused an error in GDN projects, when trying to re-add a language which had previously been disabled.
01/22/15 CMS Connectors Added a page to the CMS Connectors dashboard showing download links and version history for all connectors.
01/21/15 List View Content owners for GDN projects can now access the Translate In Context feature for any URL from the List View.
01/19/15 API Shell Scripts Added Instrumented Files support to Smartling's API Shell scripts.
01/16/15 List View The List View now displays the date and time the HTML context for a URL was created.
01/16/15 Settings Added text to the API Settings page directing users to API tools and documentation.
01/16/15 User Profile Fixed a bug that caused duplicated switchers in some User Profile screens.
01/15/15 Translator Summary View From the 'Available for Work' section of Translator Summary screen - a new 'Translate/Edit/Review' button takes you directly to the available strings.
01/13/15 User Profile User permissions are now sorted by Workflow, locale and step in that order of precedence.
01/13/15 Project Details Fixed a bug that caused some projects to show incorrect 'Strings in progress' counts on the project details screen.
01/12/15 List View In Progress and Completed List View now show localized URLs.
01/10/15 Notifications Fixed bug that caused incorrect users to receive notifications on cloned projects.
01/08/15 Languages Add language dialog now includes option to set default translation workflow.
01/05/15 User Management Fixed bug that caused issues when removing a user from an account.
01/05/15 Self Service Self-Service plan management page now displays overage charges and upgrade options.
01/05/15 Reporting Fixed bug that prevented users from selecting 2014 dates for Word Count reports.
01/05/15 Dashboard  New Password restrictions - must contain minimum 8 characters; mix of upper and lower case, at least one number and at least one special character.
01/01/15 User Management Translation Resources can update their locale pairs from their user profile.
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