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WordPress Connector - User Guide

Once you have installed and configured the Smartling plugin, you can send content to Smartling, download translations to your translated sites and monitor the status of your submissions.

Translate an Individual Post, Page, Category, or Tag
Translate Content in Bulk
Manage Smartling Submissions
Lock a translated post

Translate an individual Post, Page, Category, or Tag

Translation for individual pieces of content is handled by the Smartling Widget, displayed in the top-right corner of the window

Note: The Smartling Widget only becomes functional when the post is saved.

To submit content to Smartling:

Select all target languages as you want translated and click Send to Smartling.

After content has been submitted, the Smartling Widget will display a progress indicator for each language. If you want to add additional languages or if the content of the post has changed, click Send to Smartling again to resubmit.

Click Download to get translations from Smartling and apply them to your translated sites.

Translate Content in Bulk

To manage large amounts of content at once, use the Bulk Submit page to see all pages, posts, categories and tags.

The Bulk Submit page shows detailed information for every item under a content type, including the publication status, when the item was last updated, and a list of current translation locales.

To submit content in bulk:

(1) Select the content type.
(2) Select your target languages
(3) Select the content to submit.
(4) Click Send to Smartling.

Note: When using bulk submit, there may be a slight delay before the content appears in the Smartling Dashboard.


Monitoring Smartling Submissions in the Submissions Board

The Submissions board shows every item that has been submitted to Smartling.

To manage submissions:

(1) Filter by type, status and language.
(2) Search by keyword.
(3) Enqueue selected items for Upload or Download using the Bulk Actions menu.

Note: The Enqueue for Upload/Download bulk actions add the selected items to a queue of items that will be uploaded by a Cron task. This is to stop large uploads from slowing down your Wordpress instance.

Lock a Translated Post

If you want to prevent a translated post from being affected by changes to the original post, you can lock the translation.

(1) Switch to the dashboard for your translated site from My Sites > Network Admin > Sites.

(2) Select the post you want to lock and check Translation Locked in the Publish widget.

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