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Requester Portal - Getting Started

Smartling’s Requester Portal is a limited view of the Smartling dashboard that allows a user only to submit jobs for translation, monitor the progress of translations and download completed translations.

The Requester Portal is an ideal way to allow people in your organization to easily request occasional translation work without the level of access that a Project Manager role allows.

The Requester Portal must be enabled by Smartling before it can be accessed by an account. Contact your Smartling Client Services representative and ask for Requester Portal to be enabled.

To create a Requester:

(1) Follow the steps in Add a User.

(2) Select Requester as the user role.

To set authorization preferences:

(1) From Content>Jobs, click the Gear icon.

(2) If you want Requesters to be able to authorize their own jobs for translation, check Requesters authorize jobs for translation. If the box is unchecked, jobs submitted by Requesters need to be authorized by a Project Manager or Account Owner.

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