We've launched a new support center at help.smartling.com. This site will continue to be maintained into January 2017. Please update your bookmarks.

Smartling Account Owners and Project Managers Video Training

Find all the how-to videos you need to manage a Smartling Project: 

Video 1 - The Project summary view 


Video 2 - Add a new project to your account

Whether you decide to clone a project or use the project creation wizard, Smartling makes it easy for you to start a new project.



Video 3 - Manage your project email notifications


Video 4 - Create and manage your style guides 


Video 5 - Manage access to the Smartling Dashboard 


Video 6 - Authorize content for translation from the list view


Video 7 - Create and Manage Jobs

Video 8 - Smartling Search and Filter options


Video 9 - Exclude, delete or un-authorize strings


Video 10 - Issues


Video 11 - Download your translated files


We are still in the process of building our Video library for Account Owners and Project Managers. Come back often to find out the latest releases. Thank you for your patience. 

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