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User Roles

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Smartling Account Owners,  Project Managers, Agency Account Owners, and Translation Resource Managers are able to add users and manage user access.

User Roles and Responsibilities

When you set up a new user, you give them access to a limited number of features defined by their role:

  • Account Owner  Manages the translation process from capture to delivery including settings  and users, across all projects under the account.
  • Project Manager  Manages the translation process from capture to delivery within a particular project including settings and users.
  • Agency Account Owner  Assigns content for translation and monitors progress until delivery.
  • Translation Resource Manager  Assigns Translation Resources to workflows and steps to which they have access. A Translation Resource Manager (TRM) may be part of the client's project team or an translation agency. Agency TRMs can manage only Translation Resources from their agency.
  • Translation Resource Translates, edits or rejects, or reviews assigned content.
  • Requester (if enabled) - Uploads, downloads and monitors jobs for translation from a limited view of the Smartling dashboard. The Requester Portal must be enabled by your Smartling CSM. More detail is available in our Requester Portal documentation


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