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View and Manage Published Strings

All Smartling Workflows end in a Published step. Translations for published strings are visible in translated Websites via the GDN and can be downloaded as part of a translated file in Application Resource File and Business Document projects.

Published strings are displayed in Translations>Completed with options to search and filter to help you locate specific published strings.

Published strings can be returned to a previous Workflow step by using the Move Strings action. If you return a translation to a previous Workflow step, translations will not be available on translated websites or future file downloads unless they have been pre-published.

Published strings can also be excluded from translation. Excluding a published translation will revert the string to the source language in translated websites on the GDN or in all future downloads of translated files.

Account Owners and Project managers can also directly edit published strings. In a GDN project, editing a published string will update translated websites. Saving an edit to a published translation will cause it to change in translated websites on the GDN or in all future downloads of translated files.

To edit a published string:

(1) Click Edit in the string drop-down or mouse-over above the translation to reveal the Edit Translation link.

(2) Edit the translation in the Translation Interface.

To reject a published string:

(1) Turn on the ability to reject published strings in your Translation Workflow settings.

(2) Select Reject from the string drop-down.

(3) A translation issue will automatically be opened. Enter some text to explain why you have rejected the string.

The string will return to the workflow step specified in your Translation Workflow settings.


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