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Localized Content Hosting Compared

Smartling offers 5 options to host your translated content: 

Subdomains: The translated domain is part of a larger domain; for example,  es.domain.com or fr.domain.com
  • Easy set up.
  • Allows for easy failover configuration. 
  • Clear separation of sites.
  • Not the most SEO friendly: content under ccTLDs and subfolders tend to be better ranked by Search Engines.

Top-Level Domains (TLD)/ Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD): For example, www.domain.co.uk or www.domain.mx

  •  Clear geotargeting (Search Engines tend to favor ccTLDs. 
  • Clear separation of sites.
  • Expensive: each foreign domain name needs to be secured.
  • Strict ccTLD requirements (sometimes): Some countries require you to have a local business presence in order to secure a ccTLD.
Folders (GDN, CDN, or HTTP server with proxy capabilities): Smartling determines the language sites based on a folder. For example www.domain.com/fr
  • Search Engines usually recognized language subfolders and provide better rankings.
  • With a CDN, content delivery for the site can be accelerated, same as it would for English. 
  • Configuration ranges from complex to very complex
  • Setup time is longer and troubleshooting can prove difficult as there are several servers chained and it’s not always possible to understand where the problem occurs. 

HTTP Header Value, Cookie value: The source server returns a HTTP header containing or sets a cookie containing the locale that should be served. 

  • Only use when the source configuration requires it.
  • The translated content is invisible to search engine.


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