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What is Professional Human Translation? What is the difference in the quality options? What is the expected turnaround time?

This article applies to Smartling Basic and Pro self-service accounts.

When you purchase translations you are ordering professional human translations, provided by Smartling's translation agency partners.  Real people translate your content based on their understanding of its full context.  Completing your style guide and glossary and assigning visual context helps translators and editors make the best decision when creating the initial translation.  

Smartling offers two levels of quality for purchasing translations. Selecting "Translation and Editing" (two step) results in two individuals working on the translation.  First a translator provides the initial translation.  Then an 'editor' will review the translation. The editor may reject it back to the translator for rework, modify it themselves, or publish the translation as-is.  When you purchase "Translation" (one step) a translator will provide the translation but no other person will review it.  One step translation is slightly lower cost than two step translation.  Choosing between the two options is a choice between quality and cost.  

No matter which quality you choose you can reject a completed translation to have it reviewed.  If you do so, please provide the reason for rejecting the translation.  There is a limited time during which you can reject a translation for review as per the translation service terms that were in effect when you purchased translations.

Regardless of the choice you make, it typically takes 1 business day to turnaround 1,000 words. If you are translating content in multiple languages, they are translated in parallel. That said, Smartling cannot guarantee the turnaround time even if you communicate deadlines.

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