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How can I create a Google Translate API Key?

To use Google Translate for computer-generated translation you'll need to create an API key from the Developers Console in your Google account.

Note: Google's Translate API is a paid service and you need to have a Project set up in the Developers Console with billing enabled before you create a working Translate API key.

To create an API key:

1. Select APIs from the menu on the left in the Developers Console, find Translate API in the list and switch it to 'ON'

2. Under the Credentials menu, select Create new Key and choose the Server key option. 


3. Click Create. If you do not enter any IP addresses it will create an “Any IP Allowed” key which can be used for requests to the Google Translate API. If you need to configure a key that restricts usage to specific IPs, please reach out to support to for this information. 


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