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Manage Content In Translation - Content Owners

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Once your content is part of a project,you can manage your content from the List View at Content > Translations.

To manage strings:

(1) From the list view, use the Search and Filter options to find the strings you wish to manage and either:

(a) Select the individual strings you want to manage.


(b) To perform an action on all strings matching your current filter settings, leave all strings unchecked.

(2) From the Actions menu, select the action you want to apply. The actions available will be different depending on project type and whether you have selected individual strings.

Possible actions include:

Add/Remove Tags

  • Add a tag to strings. You can filter the list view by tags to locate these strings later.

Add Translator Instruction

  • Add instructions for the translator on a per-string basis.
  • Instructions will be displayed to the Translator both in the In Progress and Translation Interface view.

Add to / Remove from Job

  • Add strings to an existing Job or create a new Job.
  • To remove strings from a Job, filter the list view for that Job and select the strings you wish to remove.

Assign / Assign All

  • Assign a Translation Resource to the selected string.
  • Assign All will select all strings matching the current filter. To unlock this option you must set the List View filter to show results for a single workflow step.

Authorize for Translation

Authorize All 

Clear Authorization Queue

  • Delete all strings with a status of Awaiting Authorization.

Create Pattern

Delete String (GDN projects only)

  • Delete the source content.
  • The string will not appear in translated websites.

Exclude from Translation

  • Move selected strings from Awaiting Authorization to Excluded Content.  
  • Although strings are not displayed to the translator, the strings are published in their original form.

Fuzzy Estimate / Fuzzy Estimate All

Move/Move all


  • Pre-publish strings that are In Progress, but are not yet complete. Pre-published strings appear on your translated GDN site and are considered 'Published' when downloading translated files, but still proceed through the editing workflow as normal. Pre-publishing is useful if you want to get provisional translations live as soon as possible but leave the option to edit them later before you finalize the translation.


  • Publish selected strings. Translations will be ready to be downloaded in a file project, or viewed on a translated site in a GDN project.

Reactivate String

  • For inactive strings only - reactivate the string so it can be edited and published. 

Reset Context (Files project only)

  • Disassociate strings from their context.
  • Translators will see the string in the Smartling non-contextual view.

Return Content

  • Return strings to the previous Workflow step.

Set Maximum Length

Submit to Next Step

  • Submit strings to the next Workflow step.


  • Returns authorized strings to the Awaiting Authorization queue. See Unauthorize Content for more information.

Unassign / Unassign all

  • Remove any Translation Resource assignment from the selected strings.
  • Unassign All will select all strings matching the current filter.


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