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Create a Project


The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, and Business Document project types. 

Your first project will be created as you set up your Smartling account, but you can create any number of additional projects from the Dashboard. If you need assistance setting up new projects, contact your Client Services Manager.

To create a project:

(1) From the Projects section of the Account Dashboard, click Create New Project.

(2) Select the Category and Type of your project.

Most project types require you to upload resource files for translation and are generally referred to as Application Resource File projects. There are three special project types to be aware of:

  • Web>Global Delivery Network - Capture and deliver web content through the Smartling Global Delivery Network without uploading files.
  • Business Documents - Translate Microsoft Office documents or Adobe InDesign files.
  • Web>CMS Connector - Integrate directly with your site's CMS using a Smartling Connector.

(3) Enter your project name and select the source and target languages. The target language list will be pre-populated with all locales used in any projects on your account. Smartling highlights some popular languages with a star and provides additional information.

  • Project Name
  • Website URL (if available)
  • Linguistic Package - A package of translation assets to use for this project. See Create and Manage Linguistic Packages for details. If you don't want to use an existing Linguistic Package, you can create a new one.
  • Target Languages - Translation languages for the project. You will only be able to add languages that are part of your selected Linguistic Package. You can add more languages to the package if necessary.

(4) Click Create Project. The new project is set up and ready for content to be added.




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