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Translate Plurals

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Plurals in the Progress View

(1) Plural strings are marked with a <1> in the  progress view.  

(2) Mouse over or click the plural form icon to view the different plural forms in the source language. 

Plurals in the Translation Interface

The Translation Interface will provide you with a target field for each plural form:

  • In the first field

(1) Click on the placeholder(s) to copy them over to target field.

(2) Add the translation of the first plural form.

  • In the subsequent fields

(1) Using the double arrow between fields, copy over the first translation and make the necessary modifications.

(2) Save your translation.

Plurals in the Translation Workflow

All plural forms of the translation move through the workflow together:

  • If your translation is rejected because there is a problem with one plural form, all plural forms are also rejected for the string.
  • Similarly, issues raised for the translation of plural strings apply to all plural forms of the string. If the issue only applies to a specific form, the text explaining the issue should specify the plural form.
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