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Dashboard Updates & Bug Fixes April - June 2016

June 2016

Date Area Update
06/31/16 SmartMatch We updated our SmartMatch settings to work with Holding Steps, in addition to Edit and Review steps.
06/24/16 TMX files We improved error handling in the case of a TMX upload with no header or incorrect source locales, and where a user tries to delete an uploading TMX file before upload is complete.
06/23/16 Dashboard We fixed a bug that caused a page reload when Agency Owners clicked on the 'Project Settings' tab in the sidebar.
06/22/16 Dashboard We fixed a bug that prevented the browser's 'Back' button from working correctly on some Dashboard pages.
06/16/16 Files When downloading a single file in multiple languages, the zip file will be named for the file being downloaded, rather than the generic 'translations.zip' filename used when downloading more than one file.
06/14/16 UI API tokens on the API Settings page are now sorted by Token Name.
06/14/16 UI We fixed browser-specific issues that caused the String History filter and the Project Glossary view to malfunction in some older browsers.
03/06/16 Linguistic Assets We fixed a bug that caused incorrect priority numbers to be displayed for sources in a Leverage Configuration, when sources had been deleted.

May 2016

Date Area Update
05/31/16 Jobs We added space to display longer Job descriptions in the Translation Resources dashboard.
05/30/16 List View We fixed a bug that caused the List View not to display string keys on exiting the Translation Interface.
05/28/16 Reports We fixed a bug that caused some users to see incorrect dates on graphs in their SmartMatch report.
05/27/16 Jobs We fixed a bug that caused long job descriptions to overflow the Jobs Details dialog when creating or editing Jobs.
05/26/16 Glossary Glossary Import now fails if the import file contains a translation column for the source language.
05/23/16 Email Notifications Links in email notifications for Issues now lead directly to the Issues dialog.
05/21/16 Linguistic Assets The Translation Memory details page now provides a link to a list of all Linguistic Packages the Translation Memory is assigned to.
05/19/16 Linguistic Assets We increased the maximum size for Style Guide attachments from 5MB to 25MB.
05/18/16 Issues We fixed a bug that caused some users to see issues from deleted languages on the Project Summary page.
05/04/16 API We fixed a bug that temporarily prevented the API v1 credentials page in the Smartling Dashboard from loading for some users.

April 2016

Date Area Update
04/29/16 Glossary Editing of translations of Glossary terms can now be restricted to Account Owners and Project Managers.
04/28/16 List View The 'Translation same as source' filter in the List View now works for both Published and In Progress content.
04/22/16 Connectors The Zendesk connector can now handle localized images.
04/22/16 Issues Users can now edit the text of issues and comments they created.
04/19/16 Email Notifications Email notifications are no longer sent for disabled accounts.
04/19/16 Glossary Account Owners and Project Managers can now import a new Glossary from a Microsoft Excel file.
04/15/16 Dashboard To make sharing easier, all our Dashboard URLs now include a project identifier. See Shareable Dashboard Links for more information.
04/14/16 Translation Memory When importing a Translation Memory (TMX) file, a translation unit with no translation is now skipped over, instead of causing the import to fail.
04/11/16 Managing Locales Users are now prevented from deleting the last locale in a project.
04/02/16 Reports Translation Resource Managers now see Word Count Reports only for their assigned languages.
04/01/16 Translation Import We fixed a bug that caused incorrect options to appear in a drop-down menu during TM Import.
04/01/16 Reports We fixed a bug that caused Word Count Reports to load slowly for some users.


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