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Smartling Keyboard Shortcuts


The Translation Interface  now includes a set of 4 popular CAT tool keyboard shortcut presets you can choose from - then further customize:

(1) From the Translation Interface, click Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts.


(2) Select a Profile and/or Customize and save.

Please note that Customized settings are stored locally with your browser's cookies. If you remove the Smartling cookies for that browser you will lose customized shortcuts. If you use a different browser the shortcuts will need to be reconfigured.

The Default Smartling keyboard shortcuts in the translation interface are:

Function Shortcut
Search source Translation Memory for the highlighted term.



Navigate to the previous untranslated string Alt+Shift+Up Arrow


Navigate to the previous consecutive string

Alt+Up Arrow


Navigate to the next consecutive string

Alt+Down Arrow


Navigate to the next untranslated string 

Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow


Display translation memory for a string

Click in the translation box, and do one of the following:

Mac: press Cmd+Down Arrow

Windows: press Ctrl+Down Arrow

Insert first match from translation memory for a string

Click in the translation box, and do one of the following:

Mac: press Cmd+Down Arrow+Down Arrow (selects the first option in the drop-down)

Windows: press Ctrl+Down Arrow+Down Arrow (selects the first option in the drop-down)

Display the Translation Dialog  Hold down the Ctrl key and right-click any string highlighted yellow.
Display the 'pencil' ti_pencil_menu.jpg menu Hold down the Alt key while highlighting a string, and the pencil menu will lock in its visible state even if you move your mouse off the string. It will disappear if you highlight another string on the page.
Copy the source text to the corresponding translation field

Mac: Hold down the Cmd key and press I

Windows: Hold down the Ctrl key and press Insert

Copy the source text to allcorresponding translation fields Mac: Hold down the Cmd key and press I + I (double-click I)


WindowsHold down the Ctrl key and press Insert + Insert (double-click Insert)

Move cursor to original text field F4
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