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The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

What is a placeholder?

In the Smartling dashboard, placeholders are used to mark parts of a string that do not need to be translated.  The content contained within the placeholder will usually be populated dynamically in the application.  In Smartling, placeholders are always represented by a number or a set of characters highlighted in grey and/or contained within curly brackets.

Placeholders in the Translation Interface

To translate a string with a placeholder, you can either copy the placeholder from the original string or type it manually. Typing the characters of the placeholder in your translation field will automatically create a placeholder.

To copy placeholders over to the target field:

(1) Place your cursor where you want to insert the placeholder

(2) Click on the placeholder in the source segment.

To remove a placeholder from a target field:

(1) Mouse over the placeholder

(2) click the X located in the upper right corner of the placeholder.


Positional Information

Smartling automatically adds numbering to all placeholders, representing their order in the source string, since translators sometimes need to alter the positioning of words in a sentence. If translating a string with more than one placeholder, be careful to place each one correctly in the translated string.


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