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Manage Languages

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types. 

Smartling gives Account Owners the ability to add and delete languages in a project.

To add a language:

(1) From the Content summary screen, Click Add language

(2) In the Add Language Dialog box, select:

  • The Language you want to add.
  • A Style guide from your style guide library.
  • A Default Translation Workflow for authorized content in the new language.
  • The Authorization type: 
    • Authorize all active string: all strings already active in the project will be authorized for translation 
    • Synchronize with a language: use this option if you'd like to authorize the same strings authorized in another language (and have the option to select a language)
    • I'll decide later: the strings will be added to your awaiting authorization queue, where you'll be able to authorize them manually
  • Sync Exclusions With - Use this option to exclude strings for the new language based on excluded strings in another. This option is only available if you have chosen Synchronize with a language, above.

(3) Click Add.

You can manage workflow settings for the new language at Project Settings > Workflow Settings

To delete a language:

From the Summary screen, mouseover to the right of the language you wish to delete and click X.

Once you've deleted a language: 

  • Published websites through the GDN will go offline.
  • You will no longer be able to download translated files in the deleted language.
  • Translations from the deleted language will no longer be counted towards your Words Under Management and your total will decrease. 
  • Translations already completed in the deleted language will remain available in the Translation Memory and can be leveraged by other projects that share the same Translation Memory.
  • Translations are not permanently lost. You can add the language back to the project at any time using Add Languages from the summary screen. Strings from the re-added language will return to whatever Workflow step they were in at the time they were deleted.

To edit a language:

From the Summary screen, mouseover to the right of the language you want to edit and click the pencil icon.

From the edit dialog box, you can select the default workflow and style guide for the language.

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