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Using Google Analytics to Track Localized Subdomains

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network project types. 

If you use Google Analytics to track your original site, your localized domains will be included in your data, because Smartling duplicates your original site's tracking code on your localized domains. However, Google Analytics collects all your visitor data under the same view and only captures the page name on which the visitor lands, not the localized domain. This means that a visit to your localized site is counted as a visit on your original site, making it impossible to accurately measure traffic on your localized site.

Use the following simple steps to customize your view to accurately measure traffic on your localized subdomains.

Create a View that Tracks Localized Subdomains

Configure your view to display visits at the domain level.

  1. Go to Admin, and select the property containing your site.
  2. Under the View dropdown, select Create a new view.

  3. Name your new view and click Create View.

  4. Under the View menu, click Filters and New Filters.

  5. Under Add Filter to View:
    a. Select Create New filter and name your filter.
    b. Select Custom Filter.
    c. Select Advanced .

    d. Setup your advance filter as follows and click Save.

You can now accurately measure traffic generated by your localized domains.

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