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Custom Dashboard

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Use the custom dashboard to create a unique domain where your translators can login, register, and communicate.

To create a custom dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom Dashboard.

  2. If you require translators to register,set Allow Translator Registration to ON.

  3. Under Welcome Message, write a message you want to display to the site visitors.

  4. Under Terms of Use, enter the terms for the translators.

  5. Under Site Logo URL, add a link to an image you want to display on the site. The URL must be secure (https://) and the image must not be larger than 200x70 pixels.

  6. If want to add a custom question for translators to answer, click Add Custom Question and select Required to ensure that this question is answered before translators proceed. Responses to these questions will be displayed on the user's profile.

  7. Click Save

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