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How to Exclude Specific URLs

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network project types. 

By default, Smartling automatically captures all content on your configured source domains, and localizes URLs according to your localized domain setup.

Account owners and project managers can completely exclude specific URLs (or sets of URLs) from translation and URL localization at Global Delivery Network > Configuration > Rules > Translation Rules.

For example, you might have a private intranet on your website, with a URL such as:


In this case, you can enter the URLs (or patterns of URLs, such as any that start with “/private/intranet/*”) and Smartling will completely exclude those pages from translation. Use an asterisk (*) to denote wildcards. The following are options for excluding translation and URL localization on a request:

  • Do Not Translate - Source content will not be translated.
  • Do Not Localize URLs - Smartling will not localize URLs (for example, www.mysite.com will not become es.mysite.com).
  • Do Not Translate or Localize URLs - Source content will not be translated and URLs will not be localized.
  • Do Not Capture Content - Smartling will serve translations from the URL, but will not capture new content.

Note: The rules are case sensitive. For example, if your rule uses the URL /PRIVATE/intranet/ Smartling will not exclude the URL /private/intranet/

The ability to exclude specific URLs may also be appropriate for certain AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) requests to URLs that should not be modified by the Smartling service.  Excluding URLs can be managed in the Translation Rules section of the Smartling Dashboard

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