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Can I Delete strings in Smartling?

The following article applies to the Global Delivery Network project type.

Account Owners and Project Managers have the ability to delete strings in a GDN Project only. When you delete a string, you are actually removing the source string from the Smartling Dashboard. If you browse the string again it will be captured and re-appear in your dashboard. Deleted strings will not be translated and will not be displayed on translated sites.

Since a translation is tied to source content, you won't be able to delete a string once it is translated in any language. If you decide you don't want to keep a translated string, you can exclude it from translation.

To delete a string: 

(1) Go Translations > Awaiting Authorization or Excluded. 

(2) Select the strings you want to delete. 

(3) Go to the Actions drop-down menu and select Delete

Please note that you cannot delete a string in an File or Business document project type. If you do not want the string translated, you'll need to remove it from the source file, before you upload it to to Smartling. 

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