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The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Smartling Partner Agencies and professional translation resources that have agreed to use Smartling's invoicing system can access invoices from within Smartling. Smartling uses the information provided in the dashboard to generate invoices on which translation resources are paid.

To access an invoice, launch a Smartling project and open your user profile by clicking your name and then Agency Invoices


Invoicing information is available to you at any time, and displays the following information:

  • Account and Project Name
  • Language
  • Translation Resource Name (in Smartling for the translation resource)
  • Activity (Professional Edit, Professional Translation, Review)
  • Quantity (word count)
  • Fuzzy Match Range (if applicable)
  • Per Unit Rate
  • Total amount owed (in US dollars)

You can view invoicing data for the current and previous months.

You can also download the invoicing data in CSV format.

Review your invoice on a monthly basis to confirm that rates and other data in the system are correct.

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