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Profile Settings and Project Notifications

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

Personal profile and email notification settings are available from the Profile drop down menu linked from the dropdown menu next to your name.


Manage Profile Settings

Click on Profile to manage or edit your profile information: contact information, email, locale, password, toggle email notifications, set your daily email limit and turn your Gravatar profile picture on or off. Visit the Gravatar website to create a Gravatar for your Smartling login.

Manage Project Notifications

Click on Notifications to manage email notifications at the project level: content, files, issues, and users. 

  • Job Notifications: help you keep track of when jobs require approval or have been cancelled. You can also opt for a daily email showing the status of each job you have created. These notifications operate at the project level and must be set for each project you manage.
  • Content notifications: help you keep track of content as it becomes available for action. You can receive notifications when content is available for you to authorize, available to be assigned or available for you to work on.
  • File Notifications: In Smartling files-based projects, use files notifications to get an email when new files are uploaded or are ready for download. 
  • Issues Notifications: Get notified each time someone creates, answers or resolves an issue. By default, you are set-up to receive notifications for all types of issues. 
  • Users Notifications: Users Notifications are only available for projects set-up with community-based translation; you to get notified anytime a community member signs-up to be a translator. 
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