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Contextual view

This article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.


While working in the Translation Interface, each time you enter your translation in the target field, Smartling replaces the source content with the translation in the contextual view located in the upper half of the page. It enables you to see the translation on page and make sure it fits design elements such as boxes, drop down menus, or sidebar and immediately modify the translation or flag the issue to be corrected by the web design team.

Depending on how your project was set-up you can access one of three views:

Page view

The page you are translating displays in the translation interface. Strings being translated are highlighted yellow. 


Commonly used for phone apps, screenshots are positioned on the right hand side while the source content and translation are displayed on the left of the screenshot.

Non-contextual view

Occasionally  there is no context displayed in which case Smartling will show the source string on the left hand side and the translation on the right hand side.



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