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Adding image context for mobile and desktop application files

The following article applies to the Application Resource File project type.

For non-web content such as mobile or desktop apps, Image files can be uploaded to provide context. Smartling uses Optical Character Recognition to automatically match text in images to strings in your project. Image context can be uploaded for any files-based project.

To add Image Context files:

(1) From Translations > Image Context, click + to upload an image (JPG or PNG) or drag and drop the image into the window.

(2) Any matches from the OCR process will be automatically selected. Select a region containing a visible string, then type a few characters of the string and select the correct string from the menu that appears. Click Save. Delete any incorrect matches by clicking x next to the string.


 Searching for strings

When you search for a string, type as few letters of the string as possible, as the search function does not display HTML formatting or placeholders. For example:

When searching for the following string:

"<b>Current location is {0}</b>. Click to select a new location."

If you type the following in the searches:
"Current location is. Click to select a new location" = no results
"Current location is." = no results
"Current location is" = correct result

Please Note: If your content can be viewed in a browser, it is preferable to capture dynamic context with the Chrome Context Capture Extension.


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