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Drupal CMS Connector Creating and Managing Submissions

The following article applies to CMS Connector project types. 

Creating Translation Submissions

Before you can create submissions, you must configure your Smartling settings.

You can submit content for translation either for a single node, or in bulk.

To create a single translation submission:

(1) From the original node, open the Smartling widget.

(2) Check the content you wish to translate and select languages.

(3) Click Translate.

You will see a confirmation when the upload is complete.

(4) To upload context, check each entry you want to contextualize and click Upload Context. Note: Check your Context settings if you aren't seeing helpful context in the Smartling Dashboard. You may need to disable some script or CSS.


To create bulk translation submissions

(1) Browse to Menu > Content > Smartling Bulk Submit.
(2) You will see a list of all nodes in your source language available for translation. Check one or more nodes and click Translate.

(3) Select the locales for translation and click Next.

You will see a confirmation when the upload is complete

Managing Translation Submissions

The Smartling Submission view at Content > Smartling Submissions shows the status of all submitted nodes. You can sort by any column or filter for posts by title, submitter name or status.

To manage translation submissions:

Check the nodes you want to manage and choose an action:

  • Download translation - gets translations from Smartling and adds them to the localized node.
  • Resend for translation - uploads a new version of the node to Smartling.
  • Cancel Translation - Deletes the content from the Smartling Dashboard and removes the entry from the Submissions board. Note: This feature is currently in beta. You must select all locales for a particular node, then click Cancel Translation. An attempt to cancel a single locale when other locales have been submitted will fail without displaying an error.
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