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Style Guides

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.  

A style guide is a collection of rules about your preferences for content formatting and writing tone, and style that you want translators to follow so that your users and customers have a consistent experience across all languages. The style guide explains punctuation, spelling, formatting, adaptations, and language-specific preferences or errors to avoid, and helps translators and editors ensure that translations are accurate and consistent.

A Style Guide can be assigned to projects along with your other Linguistic Assets as part of a Linguistic Package. See Create and Assign Linguistic Packages for more details.

Create a New Style Guide

1) From Assets > Style Guides click Create Style Guide.

2) Name your style guide, select your source language, and choose your style guide type. You can choose to create your style guide by answering a set of questions about your desired style, or create your own custom style guide from scratch. Click Create Style Guide.

3a) If you choose to work from a Smartling Template, respond to as
many of the questions as you can. No fields are required, but the more information you give translators, the more valuable your style guide will be.

3b) If you chose a custom style guide, write your style guide in the edit window. The editor provides basic formatting options. When you are ready, click Save Changes.

Add Attachments to a Style Guide

You can attach links or documents to either type of style guide using the Add Link and Add Document buttons. There is a limit of 25mb per file for document attachments.

Assign a Style Guide to a Project

Style guides are assigned to a project as part of a Linguistic Package. See Create and Manage Linguistic Packages for more information.


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