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About Excluding Content from Translation

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network project types. 

In addition to specifying content to translate via professional or volunteer translation, Smartling also allows you to exclude specific content from translation. There are many reasons you might wish to exclude specific items:

  • Some content may be personalized for the user, such as content that was uploaded or created by the user for personal use, for which a translation would be inappropriate; for example, user comments.
  • Some content might include proper names; for example, a music website or application might include the name of a band or name of an album in specific templates. While there is a literal translation of the band “The Cars” for just about every language, it’s probably not appropriate to translate the band name; it should be excluded.
  • Some content may change often, or consists of many words (such as a regularly updated blog) and your organization has decided not to budget translation of this specific content.
  • You may have user-generated content, such as discussion forums or user comments, that you do not wish to translate.
  • You may have integrated special content, such as advertisements or external widgets, which you do not want modified.
  • Any other content that you do not want translated

Excluding alt/title attributes from translation

You can specify that a title or alt attribute on a tag should not be translated by specifying that the parent tag should not be translated, or by explicitly excluding that the title and alt attributes.

For example, for the following text:

<img src="/sodaimage.jpg" title="Soda" alt="Soda" />

You can exclude the title and alt values by using the notranslate_alt and notranslate_title attributes. For example:

<img src="/sodaimage.jpg" title="Soda" alt="Soda" class="notranslate_alt notranslate_title" />

Only specify the class that you need to exclude (you don't need to exclude both).

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