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Add and Manage User & Agency Access

The following article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.


Users for a Smartling account are managed from the Team page. The users you see, and the workflow assignments you can make will depend on your user permissions within the account.

You can click an active user to edit their profile, add a user, search for users by name, email address, or role, and click an invited user to re-send an email invitation. You can also filter your list of users by name, status, and the workflow steps and languages they are assigned to.

You can manage Agencies in the same way as managing individual users, by switching to the Agency tab. If you assign an Agency to a Workflow step, the Agency Owner or Translation Resource Manager can then assign work in that step to Agency translators. To add a new Agency relationship to your account, contact your Smartling Customer Service Manager.

Add a user

  1. Enter the user’s email address and role.
  2. For Translation Resources, choose whether the user will have access to the Community (a restricted view for volunteer translators) or Professional Dashboard.
  3. For Project Manager or Requester roles, select all projects you want the user to have access to.
  4. In the Work Assignment area, select languages, then select the desired Workflow and steps. Your choice of workflows will be limited to workflows that are available for all selected languages and also to projects you have permission to manage. Click Add Assignment.
  5. When you are done adding assignments, click Save Changes.

The new user will appear immediately on the Team Page as an invited user. When they accept the invitation and complete the registration process, they will become an active user.

Note: You cannot edit the role of an existing user. If you want to change the role of the user, you should revoke the invitation and send a new one.

Edit or delete a user or agency profile

Click on any user or agency to add or remove Workflow assignments.

Note:  Removing a Workflow Step assignment from a user or agency will automatically unassign all content in that step which was previously assigned to them.

Update the Role of a Translation Resource or Translation Resource Manager

As a general rule, the role of a user cannot be changed once the user is created. However, it is possible for Translation Resources to become Translation Resource Managers and vice versa. To update the role of a Translation Resource or Translation Resource Manager, go to their details page and click Change Role.



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