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Authorize content from the List View

Before content is translated, you must Authorize it. You can find unauthorized content at Content>Translations by setting the stage filter to Awaiting Authorization. Smartling gives you two ways to authorize content: default and custom.

Default authorization

To authorize strings for all languages in a project and send strings to the default workflow for each language, click Authorize for an individual string, and Authorize Group to authorize all strings in a URL or file.


Custom Authorize

To authorize strings on a per-language basis or specify a workflow for those strings:

(1) Use the checkboxes to select the strings that you want to authorize, or set your filter to a single workflow step if you want to authorize all strings in that step.

(2) From the Actions menu, select Authorize for Translation to authorize selected strings only or Authorize All to authorize all content matching the current filter.

(3) In the Authorize dialog box, select your languages, the Workflow for each language and a job, if desired. Click Submit.

Partially Authorized Content

The Awaiting Authorization List View can be configured to show partially authorized strings - that is, they have been authorized for one or more languages, but not for all languages in the project. To show these strings, check Show Partially Authorized.


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