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The Glossary

This article applies to Global Delivery Network, Application Resource File, Business Document, and CMS Connector project types.

The Smartling Glossary serves as repository for a company’s key terms. Each term is accompanied by a definition and/or translation.

Although commonly submitted by account owners or project managers, translators and editors can edit and add glossary terms. 

 To access the glossary go to the Translation Interface:


Search the Glossary

(1) In the Translation Interface, click on Glossary to bring up the Glossary interface.


(2) Search Glossary terms using the source language. 

(3) Smartling displays the term, part of speech, definition, as well as proposed translation. 

Access the Glossary from a segment

(1) Click the red or green bracket located on top a word.

(2) A green bracket indicates that the word has been added to the glossary with a proposed translation, while a red bracket indicates the word has been added to the glossary with no proposed translation. 



Green Bracket

(1) Click the pen at the left of the term to edit it. 

(2) Click the arrow a the right of the term to a insert the proposed translation into the target field.

(3) Click Add Definition to add an alternate translation.




Red Bracket

(1) Click Untranslated Definition to add a translation to a term. Once you have added a translation, the bracket turns green.

(2) Click Add Definition to add a new definition/translation.



Add/Edit a Glossary term

(1) The term selected appears in the upper left corner of the window. 

(2) Select the term’s part of the speech, add a translation, definition and comment as needed. Please note that a definition is available across all languages in a project, while a comment is language specific.

(3) Click Save




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